No drag suppport on firefox

Hello everyone!
I have noticed that since a few months I can’t use the mouse to drag from firefox download window pop up to another place. It simply does not make anything like firefox has removed this support.
I’m using plasma 6 +wayland+latest firefox on testing branch, and I have tested on a blank profile of firefox too and on another pc and the same was happening to me.
Do you know what can be the problem?
Can you reproduce my problem?

I have not tested on xwayland or x11 since I prefer not to use it anymore( because wayland has madured so much and I found way better wayland than x11 right now)

Hi, I’m not sure if it’s still needed, but you could check if setting the environment variable for wayland helps:


Its not needed now by default it runs on Wayland backend when conditions are in place.
I’m running with Wayland backend I have seen.

It works fine with Firefox 126.0/ Plasma 6.0.5/ Wayland

It also works with GNOME. However, I do remember that drag/drop support was an issue with the Snap version of Firefox under Ubuntu, so one thing that’s worth checking: are you using the native version of Firefox, or have you installed either the Flatpak or Snap versions? Because Flatpak/Snap might have issues integrating with other applications.

You are picking the files from the downloads library of firefox. I mean the pop up window that in xorg appears to be working and I remember that a few months ago it was working in wayland too.

I’m using the native ones packages from manjaro

Maybe this issue? It’s fixed in 126.0.1 (not available in the repos yet):

Fixed issues with drag-and-drop functionality on Linux. (Bug 1897115)

Firefox 126.0.1, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes

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Thanks for posting that as this particular bug is new for me for about a week and was really annoying because I couldn’t reproduce it until now. Not only does moving text not work, but tabs and bookmarks become unmovable as well, until a ff restart. I’ll be waiting in unstable.

I have found the bug that I have.

Here you have. It’s something weird that almost anybody has noticed it because I have noticed it months ago and I have seen that the bug report is years old…
I have to say that is something I used too much before and I found it very useful. It’s sad that we have yet this type of errors on wayland ( in xorg, windows it works properly)

Appear to be only KDE problem, to be noticed too.

To be honest, I have not noticed this bug. Maybe I’m not using the pc too much in the latest days (thankfully…)

Well, it’s probably not seen a lot of activity because it’s got some rather obscure conditions to activate it. It’s not a common interaction and it only affects a platform with a handful of users. I have confirmed that it does work under Gnome, so it really is a KDE-only oddity.

That said, the Mozilla folks seem to be asking for logs so they can figure out what’s going on, so if you can it would be good to attach said logs to their bug report.

I have done already. let’s see what happens now.