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Downloaded the iso "manjaro-mate-18.1.0-stable-x86_64". Wrote it to a usb as bootable and was able to reboot the distro. The problem is that in order to proceed with the instalation it requires internet, but Manjaro dosen't recognize wifi. And tried to create one in Preferences, but still just appear 'cabled connections', not wireless one.

Reading some similar issues, there seem to be a problem with new kernels/drivers with which comes the distro.

Hope you can help me with this, cuz really want to use Manjaro!

The first thing you should do is post the output of:

 inxi -n && uname -r

One of the most likely ways to solve your issue is to use USB Android phone tethering as a temporary wifi connection to install Manjaro. After installation you may want to install another kernel such as 4.19 and test your wifi under different kernels.

or you need the specific wifi driver (I use an AUR one), since it is not included in any kernel.

It is correct that a message is displayed if there is no internet connection but the majority of Manjaro ISOs do not require internet to install - as everything is contained in the ISO.

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As I suggested using phone tethering for a connection you should have been able to properly post your outputs as text and not a pic. Pics cannot be searched via cut and paste into a search engine. Therefore I will simply leave it to you to search your adapter model on the forum to find how best install your driver.

PS. kernel 5.2 is totally outdated, so you need to install and test kernels that are not End Of Life.

Good luck.


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