Cannot see badvpn

hi ı ınstallled badvpn with tar.zst and ı cannot see this app on my computer how ı can see and how ı can run? at the same time ı aögetting same problem some snaps apps too
thanks for helping me

While custom packages are possible they are not supported.

For you vpn issue talk to your provider. If you are your own provider read the docs -

badvpn project is archived - no longer maintained.

That said you may find some info on the Arch wiki

For snaps - seek the developers advise

thanks for your helping ı want somethinks more ı have been using windows till this time and ı want improve myself about linux and hacks or some think like that for my future and ı am wondering too so can you recomend something about this topic? like watch soem youtube chaneel or reada few things about this topic

Start by learning how to query a search engine - you will be surprised how easy it is to find relevant information.

okey ı get ıt thanks for your helping have good day

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