No bridge.conf default installation libvirt. Bridge exist but error to start VM

I was looking that NM applet and cli show virbr0 bridge, but when i setup bridge in the VM guest, and play run, this error appear:

internal error: /usr/lib/qemu/qemu-bridge-helper --use-vnet --br=virbr0 --fd=31: failed to communicate with bridge helper: Transport endpoint is not connected
stderr=failed to parse default acl file `/etc/qemu/bridge.conf’

And the file is not, i google it and found that is a bug fixed in arch in 2015: FS#46791 : [qemu] Missing /etc/qemu and bridge.conf.sample

And according with the guide, I will be create /etc/qemu/bridge.conf but /etc/qemu dir does not exists

So, is a bug really or the new version does not have example config? i am using unstable branch.

WIFI5 afa17ca4-967c-4582-b1c5-81c4f3248ea0 wifi wlp1s0
virbr0 77da7db4-6880-4d53-b6ff-fa8bb1b3b97f bridge virbr0

EDIT: I can obtain network using virbr0 in user mode network but not other mode (iptables etc) but anyway, the package does not create /etc/qemu/bridge.conf and the example file. I dont know where report bugs.

Is documented on the wiki QEMU - ArchWiki
The package is inherited from Arch Linux, and the packager changed since that report you shared, but as the wiki states:

The user has to create that /etc/qemu/bridge.conf file …

Not a bug.

Ok so, the developer closed the bug with fix but not included the /etc/qemu/bridge.conf. Ok thank you!

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