No bootable devices found when choosing to Dual boot into Manjaro in BIOS

So I installed manjaro using a usb stick alongside windows. I followed the instructions given and clicked reboot after the installation was done

When i went into the BIOS and chose manjaro it says " No bootable device found" and keeps booting into windows on restarting.
I looked around online for a solution and saw that i could add a boot option by myself in bios but i couldnt find the manjaro grub efi file in /boot/efi or elsewhere

I did not see any errors during installation.

I am using a Dell inspiron with intel i5-10300h and gtx 1650ti.
installed manjaro KDE

Welcome here, @Darshan ,

Have you switched off Secure Boot?
Have you disabled Fastboot in Windoze and shutdown Windoze completely?

So I cleared my disk partition on which I had installed Manjaro and reinstalled it and now it works fine !