No Boot since Kernel 5.6 with HP Ultraslim Docking station

Hello together,

I’m using Linux Manjaro Gnome 20.1 and since changing to Kernel 5.6 i have the issue, that booting with dockingstation is not possible any more.

After the hp logo, before login screen, i get a black screen and have to reboot without docking.

Do anyone else have the same problem?

Best regards


Try to change to a tty with ctrl+alt+f3 and install kernel 5.7
kernel 5.7 is EOL (end of live)

Thank you very much for your fast response.

Actually i’m using kernel and i have the same issue. The problem occurs since kernel 5.6.

I tried to use kernel 5.4 LTS and the problem doesn’t occurs - but there i have missing some functionality, so i would love to use a newer kernel.

Make a search in the forum, there are some post about the same issue, I can’t search them for you right now, sorry. When i have some time I’ll do it, in case you couldn’t fix it.