No audio to Headphone --> dell xps 9710


I’m very new at Manjaro Kde plasma.

When I fresh installed KDE Plasma on my Dell xps 9710, I was able to hear audio via my headphone. However, today, I don’t hear anything on my headphone.

When I manually switch to “Speaker”, I hear the audio with no issues.
When I unplug and plug my headphone into the jack, Manjaro detects my headphone, but no sound.

In my “Configure Audio Devices” screen, I noticed a section called “Inactive cards”. In this section, it displays “GA 106 High Definition Audio controller” with “Off”. And the “Off” drop down has no other choices.

I did my best to search for a solution, but I didn’t find anything which is promising. Besides, I didn’t want to mess up my audio configuration to make it worse.

I appreciate any advise.

Thank you

The GA106 controller is part of the Nvidia system. The laptops sound system is an ACL711. Plugging in Headphones should interrupt sound to the speakers (normal behaviour in most systems).
When you switch sound to ‘speaker’, what other options are there?

Hi eddier,

OK, so… This morning I logged into my Manjaro and I get the audio via my headphone.

I didn’t to anything to the audio configuration. One thing I noticed that, sometimes, my Manjaro Plasma doesn’t detect my wi-fi. So, I reboot and it detects again.

It seems like some drivers are not loaded when booting up.

At the moment, everything is working. I might I have to reboot when I don’t get audio via my headphone.

eddier, thank you for your reply.
crossing fingers…

I have an update.

I still have issues with my headphone when it is plugged into 3.5mm stereo jack on my laptop. BUT, when I use my bluetooth headphone, everything works as expected.

This concludes that a audio setup/driver isn’t working well with 3.5mm headphone jack.

I’m glad that at the least my bluetooth connection with my headphone works perfectly.

Good day