No audio controls

I was messing around with packages trying to get speechsynthesis to work in firefox (never did get the voices array to populate)…but now I have no volume control and audio settings are gone under system settings.

How do I get audio to work properly again with Manjaro/KDE?

I have audio its just not very loud and there’s no volume control anymore.

You are the one who knows what you removed or added.
If you dont … look in /var/log/pacman.log

You should probably use Timeshift before messing with your system next time. That way you can just go back to the way it was before it got messed up.

A possible reason is that you are missing the plasma-pa package. See if you have that installed.

Please post response to this command to show system information

inxi -Fazy

and this to show information about audio hardware

sudo --upload