No Adobe Air using Wine?

I installed Wine and a program demands Adobe Air. Unfortunately i can’t find an option to install Adobe Air through Wine.
It appears to be down in the Arch repositories aswell. Any help? I’m a new Manjaro and Linux user. Thanks!

The Arch repositories and the AUR do not contain Windows software. :wink:

wine is a translation layer that allows for certain but not all Windows-specific applications to be run directly on top of a UNIX-based operating system, in this case being GNU/Linux.

I have never heard of Adobe Air, but I did find this… :arrow_down:

… from which I quote:

Where can you run this program?

The software can be run on Windows and iOS, but has been discontinued on Linux. For mobile and tablet, it can be run on iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

The download is a .zip archive, which contains an informative README file, as well as a couple of Windows .bat files and .exe files, and at least one platform-independent Java executable. The README is very explanatory.

I’m sorry but i’m trying to understand, I have to install Adobe Air inside the Wine directory? There isn’t an installer .exe, i don’t understand the Readme, the installation process (if it even exists) seems incredibly complicated and i don’t even know where to start. When I was on Fedora i just clicked on the original program i wanted to run and it would install everything and work without a problem.

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I think you need to unpack the .zip file in your home directory. The executables can be run directly with wine, like so… :arrow_down:

wine name-of-the-windows-executable

Then that must still have been the native GNU/Linux version, but as you can read, Adobe has recently discontinued the GNU/Linux version of that software. They only offer a Windows, iOS and Android version anymore.

The .jar file in the archive is probably the Android version ─ Android applications are written in Java and compiled into byte code that runs on a machine-specific Java Runtime Engine.

Sorry Sir, i cannot find the necessary executables? All the tutorials on Youtube show a guy using the Windows Systems Preferences to adjust something, but that menu isn’t present in Wine (or i don’t know how to access it).
The ZIP file was intended for Windows use, so why would there only be an option to install for Android inside? Why is this so complicated? What about an older version?

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They are in the bin folder of the archive.

There is no such thing. wine is not an emulator. It is merely a binary translator that converts Windows ABI syscalls into UNIX syscalls.

It’s not only intended for Windows use, according to the documentation. It’s for Windows, iOS and Android, but with Windows of course being the prioritized system.

You’ll have to ask Adobe. They have a poor track record of supporting GNU/Linux. :man_shrugging:

You can look for an older version ─ and in that case, one that natively runs on GNU/Linux, without wine ─ but if you do find one, then there’s a chance it won’t even work anymore because of its reliance on older system libraries.

(Maybe) You can follow this guide:

and as it’s no longer maintained in the AUR you might want to download the package from here:

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