Nm applet corruption

After resume from standby some text in nm app had changed in a strange and convenient way.

Normally it is just the basic ascii alphabet with the network adapter names, I don’t use any of that fancy font stuff… Now it looks like a leet speak translation…

Forum wont let me post pictures and resume from standby is not the reason this should happen.

Any advice on how to prevent this bug would be appreciated.

For example: “ETHERNET NETWORK” > “EtHErNET…” Only with unicode shifted to latin, like È and such.

I do not think it is possible a human did this on purpose. Although they probably caused the bug (font/nmapp/etc).

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Either way, using screenshots to explain an issue is counterproductive. Use words instead. Search engines cannot index text in pictures and do not help anyone.

It’s possible there is an issue with your locale settings. Please post the output of:


Please see:

locale is en_US.UTF-8

Should I instead try to contact the package maintainer from


This may be a string formatting issue. Locale was a good guess but it looks like the fields are configured as they should.

The screenshot would have helped fix the issue but you are right, they typically disappear leaving poor contextual clues as to the problem.

The crawler OCR would have probably thought it was gibberish.

I can’t copy paste the text from the panel applet but again, locale was very good guess.

In the nm-applet context menu, the fields that have pseudo-corruption issues are 1) all ethernet adapter names 2) “wifi-network”

There are various customizations in the window manager and panel, but this is the only panel applet that is affected.

Thank you for your help and time. If you can think of anything else please let me know.

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When asking for assistance please always include info about your Linux Distro, GUI you use etc.
You can find info about which commands etc will generate that kind of info and how to post that info from the links given above…
(Even the info YOU think is irrelevant could be relevant in a way you didn’t expect )


inxi: [user@user-zboxci325nano ~]$ inxi -FazySystem: Kernel: 6.1.19-1-MANJARO arc - Pastebin.com
locale: [user@user-zboxci325nano ~]$ localeLANG=en_US.utf8LC_CTYPE="en_US.utf8"LC_ - Pastebin.com
image: https://i.ibb.co/2cf1Y14/manjaro-nmapp.jpg - Pastebin.com

This is htpc with remote kb and no ssh so it takes me extra time for copying information.

dd mem is probably not an option if you need mem dumps.

If you think there are other relevant things like dmesg or other logs or from network manager output, please let me know. If I reboot, the problem will probably go away, but that will not solve the bug.

Thank you again.

Absolutely not. This is not a packaging issue. Package maintainers (including myself) do not respond to support requests via email.

Never fear, you are in the right place here on the support forum.

Yes, that looks fine.

I don’t have any other suggestions at this point, unfortunately.