NFS shared folder permissions from Synology NAS - No write access to parent shared folder


I have a Synology NAS that I connect to via nfs using this command…

sudo mount -t nfs -o vers=4 /mnt/SF

I am able to mount the shared folders but cannot write (as myuser) to the parent shared folder, only it’s sub folders. Using one shared folder as an example… /mnt/SF/A
…Upon inspection, I see the owner (user:group) of the parent shared folder (/mnt/SF/A) is root:root
The owner of the subfolders (eg. /mnt/SF/A/sub) are nobody:users

With the shared folders not mounted, I changed the owner of the /mnt/SF folder recursively…

sudo chown -R myuser:myuser /mnt/SF

When mounting the shared folders though, the ownership is reverted back to root:root for the parent folder.


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Yes: you need to change permissions on the server that’s handling the NFS (I.E. The Synology NAS itself). How to do that exactly is off-topic on the Manjaro forum itself. You might get lucky though that someone here has a Synology NAS if you don’t know how to do that on there (I don’t!) so I’ve added the synology tag to your question to attract more users to your question.

It’s better to post 2 separate questions for … well… 2 questions! :grin: That way you need an expert on only one issue whereas you now need an expert on both NFS and encryption and those are hard to find…

Note 1: We won’t charge you more for posting multiple questions for multiple issues! :joy: :wink:
Note 2: So cut and paste the second part of your question into another question in the right category with the right tags and you’ll be able to find an answer sooner rather than later.

Thanks for the reply, Fabby.

Agreed, the nfs issue doesn’t really belong here. I thought it would be best to explain what lead up to the drive issue, in case I accidentally caused it. I have now created a new post for the drive issue, which is actually my main concern as I have lost access to that drive.

With regards to the nfs issue, I had done some searching on the Synology Community Forum before posting here but not had any success. I have just been doing further searching now and found a few posts with the same or similar issues. The Synology functionality doesn’t appear to work as intended but there is a workaround I may be able to implement. It doesn’t look like posts can be deleted or closed here? If I try the workaround at some point and it works, I can share it here if it isn’t deemed too off topic.

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I’m not using Synology, but on my nas I had to set the mapall user and group correctly on the share in the share settings on the nas for the share to be accessible. So possibly this also applies to your situation.

Sharing knowledge is always good. Maybe you’ll become the resident Synology expert!

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