Nextorage nvme ssd not detected when on battery - bad acpi or drivers or something

Apologies if this is in the incorrect area.

I recently installed a new 2tb nextorage g series nvme ssd into my laptop (lenovo ideapad 5 pro 16 - 6600hs 3050). When booting the laptop on ac power, it is detected fine and works correctly. When booted on battery power, after GRUB, the ssd is not detected, and gives the error “nvme nvme0: Device not ready: aborting reset. CSTS=0x1” and “ALERT! UUID=uuid etc does not exist!” and drops to initramfs. The drive is not detected when booting into a live usb while on battery as well. Interestingly, if booted on ac power and then just restarted instead of shutting down, it boots ok. The same problem happened when trying to use ubuntu as well, so it’s not just some new kernel problem.

Anyway, if booted with
the drive is detected and it boots fine on battery, suggesting this is just a driver or firmware problem or something related to default power management of this drive on battery, which would not surprise me as this is not a common ssd. However, this parameter messes up other things on my laptop, so it is not a viable option. booting with pcie_aspm=off did not change anything, and that’s most of the things I was able to try (I am not extremely competent at this and I needed to get my laptop running again).

I’ve switched back to my old ssd so I have a limited ability to provide further information at the moment, so this was just meant to be a bug report about some sort of incorrect power management or missing drivers for this ssd in hopes that someone can fix it.


check the bios settings of your laptop for all energy-saving options first.
if it’s not detected on battery while booting (when linux is more or less not active) but it is detected from the moment that the acpi=off command override existing settings it’s very obvious that some bios settings at startup prevent the hard-drive detection.
also check the boot-order that they don’t focus on a special device.

The drive has to be visible to the laptop hardware for me to get into GRUB, doesn’t it?

yes and it should also be detected in bios.

Yes, and it is. But when it attempts to load my manjaro partition, it is not detectable, unless I modify the GRUB boot settings. Sorry, it may not have been clear from the original post, but GRUB loads fine, but I get the above errors when trying to boot manjaro from GRUB, unless I use acpi=off.

i did some research. please boot the laptop on ac, open the package manager and check if the package “acpi_call-dkms” (note the underscore) is installed. if not install it, do a reboot on ac and unplug to battery. check if the system works. (btw if it’s not the package you can remove it later).

Ok, thank you for your advice. I will try to report back when I am able to test this.