NextCloud setup

Does anyone know of a good tutorial for setting up NextCloud on Manjaro?

Do you mean like connecting a user account or setting up a NextCloud server?

No, I mean setting up a NextCloud server on Manjaro.

The setup via Docker is very distro agnostic and works on any system that can use docker. It’s my preferred way to setup a service these days.

Here’s the install documentation for that:

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The toplevel steps

  1. Install a web server (e.g. nginx or apache)
  2. Download the web installer (Nextcloud Setup)
  3. Save the file to the server’s www folder
  4. Open the web server pointing to the setup file
    • eg. http://your-server/setup-nextcloud.php
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Cool, thanks for the replies.

How do I download PHP dependencies?

Check the php page: PHP - ArchWiki


Got it installed and now I get this:

I followed the directions here to install MariaDB.

You’re missing the database module of php.

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Got it all working. Thanks for all the help.

I was inspired by your topic to write guide specifically for the NextCloud community Web installer.

I don’t know if it is good - I’ll leave that for others to judge