Nextcloud in Dolphin (KDE plasma) webdav: empty folder?

I am hoping to get some Nextcloud file integration in Manjaro (kde plasma), but in Dolphin under the networking tab my nextcloud shows an empty folder. It obviously is not empty.

What I did:

  1. create a Nextcloud account in the system settings under Online account. Checkboxes for contacts and storage are clicked.
  2. reboot my laptop
  3. In Dolphin: click Nextcloud storage under Network. It has the webdavs url and asks for my password (why?! I already entered it in Online Account, but ok…). And then: Dolphin displays an empty folder (“Folder is empty”. Reboot again, same result. Refreshing does not help.
    Url format in location bar: webdavs://username@domain/remote.php/dav/files/username/ (it got this from the domainname and username I entered in Online account)

I have managed Nextcloud hosting, so no access to server logs, but on my other notebook (using the NC client app+davfs2 mount), phone and tablet I don´t experience problems.
Is there a way to make this work without having to install the client and ? All I want is to be able to access my Nextcloud files from my notebook, or upload files from Dolphin, without having to synchronize complete folders. The alternative is to create a mount using davfs2, but I thought using Dolphin would be sufficient. From what I read on this forum, it should be possible just using Dolphin and the Online accounts settings.

Ok, so now it works… and I have no idea why?!