Nextcloud Desktop Client

Looking to implement Nextcloud Desktop Client to keep a handful of files synced between my laptop and my NextCLoud instance.

On the Nextcloud site - they only offer an AppImage of the client.

However - I was able to install Nextcloud via the repo (using add/remove software).

Is the Repo using the same and current version as the Appimage?

Any pro/con to either choice?

Current repo version is 3.6.6, current flatpak is 3.7.1.

On the website, the version seems to be 3.7.1 for linux, so I guess the repo is a bit slow.

For me that is fine, the desktop client works fine and I am pretty sure that the 3.7 version will be in the repo pretty soon.

As the desktop client is working, I always stick to repo software. Flatpak just clutters my system with huge runtimes.

It’s already in the unstable branch: Packages

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As I thought. Thanks for the heads up :smiley:

Thanks for that!!! Will stay with the Repo.

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