Nextcloud Desktop Client Issues

First issue is that in random boots of Manjaro, I’m experiencing duplicate Nextcloud icons on the bottom right of the taskbar/system tray.

Second issue(s) is that when I click the open local folder icon or any of the recently synced files from the system tray Nextcloud Desktop Client Icon, they launch the terminal (Konsole) instead of Dolphin or the default app for the file type.

FYI, I’m using kernel 6.6.26-1, x11, KDE Plasma 5.27.11, and the Nextcloud Desktop Client from the Manjaro repo.

These things aren’t totally fatal, but kind of annoying. Any help would be appreciated. Thx in advance.

Hello, on Arch Linux Cinnamon I had the same problem; I had the program listed twice in startup programs

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Ok, I figured out how to fix the second issue by typing this command in the terminal:

xdg-mime default org.kde.dolphin.desktop inode/directory

Apparently Konsole/terminal was set as the default file manager, don’t know why though.