Nextcloud cannot be stopped! (SystemD unwanted restarts)


I’ve recently brought my system up-to-date. Unfortunately, this has lead to unexpected behavior from the nextcloud synchronisation client (from the official repos). Not only did it start automatically at some point without my knowledge, but it’s also unkillable: it doesn’t matter if I close the program through its own menu, or try to kill the process directly. It simply comes back immediately in all its glory.

Using htop and invoking systemctl status I’ve come to the conclusion that the process is spawned by systemd as part of the dbus.service. This service is run under a user-1000.slice. I cannot find a service by that name in /etc/systemd/system/, and in fact there’s other services I know missing from there too.

So, do you have any ideas on where else one could find systemd user services, and how I can tell systemd to please NOT start / restart nextcloud on its own?

Hey @MNJ-USR-1, I had similar experience with Nextcloud re-spawning after I exit and for me, in the end, the issue at hand was that I had 2 accounts setup for Nextcloud.

As I was fiddling with my setup, I removed the second account and lo and behold - when I exit Nextcloud it did not re-spawn.

Mea culpa!

It was not the the 2 accounts that was causing this.on

Each time I open Files the Nextcloud is re-spawned.

If I keep Files open and exit Nextcloud from system tray / kill the process - it’s re-spawned. Seems to be new integration in GNOME 3.38.1



Yes, it certainly has to do with some sort of integration. Particularly, I’ve noticed that nextcloud opens automatically upon opening a zip file with xarchiver, though there’s likely to be some other triggers, too.

I don’t think it’s a GNOME specific problem. I use i3 as my graphical environment.

So far, my only solution was to UNINSTALL nextcloud for some peace and reinstall momentarily whenever I need a synchronization done. Not at all an optimal solution, of course.