Nextcloud 23 and php 8.1

On my RPi with Manjaro ARM is an update for php 8.1 availible. At the moment, I have php 8.0 running.

I need php for my Nextcloud Server. Nextcloud does not support php 8.0 yet. Will it break my Nextcloud when I update anyway? Is there a way, to stick at php 8.0 while updating the other packages?`


yes there is: pacman - ArchWiki

This could result in issues since other packages might need php 8.1 and the system is partialy upgraded. Your mileage may vary is a expression that would apply here.

Did you just try to install it from the manjaro repo ? I can see with php8 patch.

Edit: add the link

No, I didnt installed it yet. I am a little bit scared for now. Do you think it will work fine?

It is provided by your OS, so it should work ! If it doesn’t you can open a case… :wink:
Don’t worry it should work and if it doesn’t just remove it OR ask for help here by providing error messages.
It will provide all the dependencies for you… php 8.1 for instance as you could see here: PKGBUILD - nextcloud (any) | Package Files | Arch Linux ARM