Nextcloud 20 -> 21 and /var/lib... problems with owner

I just updated Nextcloud from 20 to 21 and got some sort of problem concering the folder
If I set it and its content to chown -R http:http everything works fine.
Everything also works fine if I chmod -R 777
But after ever reboot the folder owner is reset to user:group nextcloud:nextcloud. Also I would rather not have a folder have a folder with 777 .
Does anyone know how to not have the folders owner set to nextcloud:nextcloud after every reboot, or what else to do? Maybe add nextcloud to group http? Or the other way around? I am not used to Manjaros user:user system yet.

see this

I am guessing the wiki might be for nesxtcloud 20 because it is wrong.
After ever reboot the folder /var/lib/nextcloud/apps belongs to nextcloud:nextcloud with rights 755 (only owner can write).
But like this, my nextcloud app is broken, because http needs to be able to write in that folder.
To fix it I either need to chown -R http:http that folder, or I need to add group nextcloud to user http and chmod 775 the folder, or, my least favorite, I need to chmod 777 the folder.
Any of these works, but the way my system is right now, my nextcloud is broken after every reboot because it sets the owner to nextcloud and the rights to 755.
I dont want to manually changemod a folder after every reboot, is there a solution for that?

It’s not elegant, but here is what I did: LINK