Newsboat - Browser returned error code 127

I’ve only just started using Newsboat, so it could be something trivial I’m missing, but I can’t get links to open in the browser. I’ve tried all sorts of configuration methods and nothing works. Macros are also affected. I even reinstalled the package with a blank config file.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this may be caused by remnant Palemoon calls. When I installed it the first time, I was able to successfully open in-browser. Palemoon was the default browser at the time, but it moved too slow and was too glitchy for my taste, so I uninstalled it in exchange for Brave. According to the GitHub page, Error 127 means ‘command not found’, so I’m guessing that Newsboat is still calling a now absent Palemoon command, but I’m unsure how to fix that; if that is even the problem.

Check $HOME/.config/newsboat/config

The config file is empty and it’s also in ~/.newsboat/config

I just discovered that I can successfully launch a browser from Newsboat if I run Newsboat outside of Firejail. So I’m deducing that Firejail is blocking Newsboat from opening a browser session.

EDIT: It is able to open links inside lynx while sandboxed; which isn’t surprising since lynx is explicitly mentioned in the Firejail profile for Newsboat.

Can’t help you there; don’t use/know anything about firejail.