News page flooded with forum topics

Hello, is it just me or before, the News page linked only to Manjaro announcements?

Now it would seem every new topic is present there.

While I’m here, as stated on another topic, I’d like to have the link to homepage, as on the former forum :

only you ? I have only announcements :thinking:

I’ve got the Filter button:

And I may switch between these categories:

But I see these forum topics as default, when all is unfiltered.

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Nope, I get exactly the same thing. Perhaps you’re using the filter?

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i don’t use filter …

bad url now good is ???

curl -I
HTTP/2 301 

why redirect to 18 and not 11 ??

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I don’t get an issue also. Did you guys cleared-cache on @codesardine we might need to update news page due to new forum order.


@philm Clearing cache did the job :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to put back also the link to Manjaro homepage from the Forum sandwich menu?

Same here. Weird. Something obviously changed/didn’t change. Thanks @philm!

now some rss 404 in :
now /arm/ et not /manjaro-arm/

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