Newest Manjaro Mate won't connect to wi-fi realtek8188eus

I downloaded the newest Manjaro Mate and booted with the USB but the live usb won’t connect to my wireless adapter Realtek RTL8188eus. Manjaro saw the adapter and I entered the password but after that the system cannot connect to wi-fi. I am now using linux mint usb to connect to the internet with the same adapter so I cannot write any manjaro terminal output.

My pc :Q9300 cpu. 8 gb of ddr2 ram. p43 es3g board.

Would it be okay if I install offline and see what happens?

Try installing either 8188eu-dkms (stable) or 8188eu-dkms-git (bleeding edge) from the AUR (Arch User Repository). You’ll also need the Linux Headers for your kernel; i.e. for 5.10: linux510-headers.

If that doesn’t work, please post the output of:

inxi -Nazy

Thanks for your interest. I’ll try your suggestions later when I feel ready to use an arch based linux distrubituon. I’m way too inexperienced.