Newbie trying to make a wifi hotspot

I started using KDE Plasma about 2 months ago, so I’m still a beginner. Today, my laptop was connected to a wifi network that my phone could not connect to. I wanted to share my laptop’s wifi connection through a hotspot so that my phone could connect to it, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I looked around a bit and tried making a new network with (wifi-shared) option but it literally did nothing. I would really appreciate some help.
Thanks in advance!

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as i know wifi cards can run in infrastructure OR in ad hoc mode. Means, when you are connected to a wifi in infrastructure mode, then you cant share the wifi in ad hoc mode. You would need a second wifi card/usb stick to make that work.



This is not entirely true. Many Wifi cards support more than one mode at the time. Of course the ad hoc (in iw called P2P) often does not work at the same time as the infrastructure mode.
However a Hotspot runs always in the infrastructure mode and the client too.
But the driver distinguish between a “managed” and a “AP” capability. Many times the channel needs to be the same if the AP and the managed capability is used together.

Unfortunately many Linux wifi driver don’t support the AP capability. If the OP can set up a Hotspot depends on the WiFi card and the driver. Sometimes the windows driver supports it, but the Linux driver doesn’t.

The Arch Wiki has a nice article on this topic


linux-wifi-hotspot in the AUR can help with this