Newbie trying to install Pacaur and github package

New to arch distro - I’m a pretty basic user switching from Pop_OS since that distro became unusable with my system and letting it manage itself.

i’m trying to install the packages from input remapper (GitHub - sezanzeb/input-remapper: 🎮 An easy to use tool to change the mapping of your input device buttons.)

They are using the “pacaur” package manager and I have attempted to install pacaur and have gotten no success. I generally get stuck at “makepkg” not being an available command.

Any help how to proceed? I’m utilizing minimal install plasma

Have you installed base-devel?

Nope! pacman -s base-devel should have me set? (or rather a step in the right direction)

Yes, and press enter to select all when prompted.

Hello @GreasedWalnut

you can also install AUR packages through pamac

pamac build input-remapper-git

should do the job. :wink:

Did the trick! Just so I can understand what is the difference between say pacaur and pamac? Just two different scripts wheras pamac is the baseline?

Pamac is manjaros package manager and pacman is the arch packagemanager which also work under manjaro. :grinning:

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