Newbie Question for Manjaro Apps

I have a question. does manjaro have its own apps repository? or does manjaro use snap and flatpak?
I’m new to manjaro, I just installed it 3 days ago.

Manjaro is based upon Arch, and like Arch, it uses its own repositories, although many packages in there were simply taken over from Arch upstream.

Optionally, we also offer support for the Arch User Repository (AUR), which is a community-run and community-maintained repository comprising (human readable and editable) build scripts that either pull in the source code and build it into binary packages on your own system, or (in some cases) pull in precompiled binary packages, some of which may have been built for other distributions but are then converted into packages compatible with the Arch Linux Package Management (ALPM) system used by Arch, Manjaro, and similar distributions.

In addition to all of the above, Manjaro also offers support for Snaps, FlatPaks and AppImages, although the preferred software is always the one from the official Manjaro repositories.

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Yes it uses it’s own repo, but it is using packages from Arch linux mostly.

This means they only have a few packages they create and maintain them self, whille at same time they mirror packages from the Arch Linux repo inside their own repo.
This way they make the whole a little more stable as Arch Linux, because they selectively choose package versions they include in their repo.
Much like Ubuntu does with Debian packages, while Debian in their turn select from source code plus patches.

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