Newbie having trouble installing ExpressVPN as per site's instruction

Newbie having trouble installing expressvpn as per site’s instruction for Arch Linux 64bit install.

Open a terminal:

pamac build expressvpn

That will install the expressvpn package from the AUR and worked for me in the past when I had a expressvpn subscription. From there just follow the instructions from the expressvpn site.

The Problem is the correct key is not being imported run:


(the forum wont let me place a URL even if it is needed for the command so had to get creative after the first word in the command “weget” just add a space)

gpg --import expressvpn_release_public_key_0xAFF2A1415F6A3A38.asc

respectively to get the correct keys
found the problem on the AUR page of ExpressVPN.

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