Newbie error - just lost my panel

Instead of removing a single item on the panel I mistakenly removed the whole panel and taskbar. I haven’t found the way to restore it. Can someone tell me how please?

Hi @rafikiphoto, and welcome!

That will depend 100% on which Desktop Environment you’re using. I use KDE, so I can only advise about that.

To add a panel in KDE, right click on the desktop and select “Add panel”. When added, right click on it and select “Edit panel” to customise.

Hope it helps!

Thanks for the welcome. It is Cinnamon. Right click gives several options but nothing related to adding a panel as far as I can see.

Then I’m unable to help, since I only use, and know KDE.

Best of luck!

Just go to your menu and type panel and you’ll get your panel settings

The menu disappeared with the panel I’m afraid.

Have you uninstalled it? Check in pamac gui for cinnamon, all the cinnamon addons should be there

Usually, a right click anywhere on the desktop gives you a menu from which you can access some functions such as starting a terminal or even to start/show an application menu.
But I can’t be sure whether and how this works in Cinnamon since I run Xfce.

I can raise a terminal.

As I said, I don’t run Cinnamon.
But I’d guess that any here relevant programs name starts with:


type this into the terminal and then hit TAB
it will autocomplete and show you all the possible variants
From the names it should be pretty clear what they are or do.
… just a guess

now not just a guess anymore
The command to run is cinnamon-settings.
From there you can add a panel.


Bingo! That did it. Thank you so much for taking the time to help.

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