New version or tor-browser working on Manjaro ARM released


A new version of the tor-browser port, first one of the 11.x series that works on Manjaro ARM aarch64 has been released, thanks to its author.

I’ve tested it working OK on Pinebook Pro and Raspberry Pi 4.

You can fetch it from Sourceforge

Installation is easy :

  • Get the tar.xz corresponding to your language, save it right into your home directory

  • You are advised to check the PGP signature

  • untar it like tar -xJf tor-browser-linux-arm64-11.5.8_en-US.tar.xz

  • Start it like :
    – cd tor-browser_en-US
    – ./start-tor-browser.desktop

  • Once sastisfied that it woks, create your menu entry with :
    – ./start-tor-browser.desktop --register-app

  • Now you have it in your menu

That’s all to it.

You can check the avaialble options with :
– ./start-tor-browser.desktop --help