New tutorial post on rclone, OneDrive, and Manjaro - but I'm not allowed to post tutorials

I got OneDrive auto-mount working via rclone! I had to put together steps from several different blogs and forum posts here to do so.

I’d love to post this as a tutorial, but for some reason I don’t have permissions to do that.

How do I get permissions?

Hi @testingwithfire,

We ask the @moderators what to do.


  1. Are you able to post inside of:


  1. Are you able to answer there ?

(Otherwise it will be possible to do what Teo suggests. I think this was also how i did my first post there.)

New users cannot if i remember correctly. I just posted my tutorial and a moderator moved and tagged it properly, when i was new.

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Post it support to have it proof read by the community - then a moderator or a high level member can move it when it is accepted.

Please do remember - linking to other pages - if any - should be kept at a minimum and listed as source

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I remember setting up google drive with rclone - it was pure horror. Because of the google developer website of course. So a tutorial is definitely needed.

I found onedrive easy to setup with rclone…don’t know 'bout GDrive. But both onedrive as well as dropbox was easy. (Well, for me it was anyway.)