New to linux: best way to virtualize windows?

I recently installed Manjaro Gnome and like it a lot. However, I’m taking a course that requires MS Excel. In that past, I used gnome boxes to install windows, is it still a good option or is there something better/more seamless?
I want to be able to copy/paste/drag files back and forth between manjaro and windows vm.

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Have you considered the MS office online tool being available in Manjaro? Can be installed by

sudo pacman -Syu microsoft-office-web-jak

gnome boxes is a good option. I tried and liked it, but I was not able to have my VM’s on a separate partition. At least, if it is an option, I couldn’t find it. I wound up with virtualbox as it allowed to have the VM’s on a separate partition. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but bi-directional just does not work for me with virtualbox. I don’t recall trying in my short gnome boxes experiment.

VirtualBox is good, virt-manager is better, a tutorial here: Virt-Manager

For VirtualBox to run correctly, it must have two things;

  1. VirtualBox Extenstions installed
  2. Current user must be part of vboxuser group. > sudo gpasswd -a $USER vboxusers

Note: $USER can be substituted for any user, but leaving it will use the currently logged in user.