New to Linux and trying to get ownership on NTFS drives on dual boot system

Aragorn, I do not disagree at all about that point, and was considering putting in my rant that if you have no previous computer experience, starting with Linux is as easy or hard as any other OS. But let’s be honest that isn’t going to be the case for most people.

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You are very much correct on that I want to learn and that my mistakes are that I am probably not documenting the changes I make as well as trying to understand and learn the file system/structure of how linux works and runs. Its a lot to take in at first glance buy I know with everything practice makes things click or stick. I enjoy things with computers as it gives me a chance to troubleshoot and learn something new everytime. I feel as I have reached a point in life where with Windows I haven’t learned anything new and not much has changed. I’ve used Mac OS, Windows and dabbled a little in Linux back in the 2000’s. I really want to learn the Linux Manjaro OS and move from Windows which isn’t really an OS but more of a marketing tool for Microsoft now then what it was back in Windows 8.1
I think the other thing that has me currently is understanding the verbiage for the OS and exactly how to do things that Linux users already know from using it so much. I have seen people posting their system spec in the correct format for the forums but I don’t even know where to go or what to type (if in terminal) to get that information.

I have check the links, some of them I have stumbled upon before they were presented in this post. I do try to understand everything everyone sends links to and that is usually where I come back with more questions to better understand what I read.


I don’t think the link counter works/shows for links that are quoted and collapsed. I have clicked them too.

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