New to Linux and Manjaro - wallpaper on dual monitor question (with vertical)

Hey folks,

I am fairly new to manjaro and linux in general. Been trying to set up two wallpapers on my two monitors but so far no luck.I have tried tried applications like hydra paper but since i am using one of my monitors as a vertical one permanently, that and similar apps have no flip wallpaper option so i cant flip it to be properly on my vertical monitor instead it goes always on the side, even if the wallpaper it self is vertical.

Can some one tell me a solution where i can flip my wallpaper for the second monitor ? Maybe something similar to hydra paper but with more options ? Been struggling for weeks to find something of that sort and is driving me crazy lol.

Thanks in advance.

nitrogen is a great app - but frankly I don’t know if it can handle one vertical and one horizontal monitor.

I guess it can do it but you will have to use wallpapers created for the purpose e.g. two FHD monitors - where one is 1920x1080 and the other is 1080x1920.

I will give it a try, see what happens.

It is no good, I want to put different wallpapers for each monitor and it wont let me do that.
Id be glad if some one has a working solution somewhere, it is crazy that simple thing like that does not exist :smiley:

I can use nitrogen to decorate different monitors with different wallpapers - I can even make it handle a dual-monitor setup as one - using a 3840x1080 wall as a single monitor.

What I said was that I don’t know how and if nitrogen can handle different monitor orientations - which is why I suggested having wallpapers in different orientational sizes

How do you get all these options, after downloading the app i only get a very basic set of tools that has nothing from what you described. I cant even chose what monitor to put my image at, i can only chose one. (i have no clue how to include pictures here, when i upload them from pc or link it tells me i cant upload anything here …)

I’ve used nitrogen to set background on i3 and looking at the options it does not seem to be able to do what you need, antoher popular option to use with i3 is feh. The standard installation from the extra repo has multi monitor builtin and has jpegexiforient as a optional dependency. It does need some reading of the options to see if it can work in your use case. $ man feh

I’m not aware of a gui to do what you describe. This search will give you some ideas on how to use it.

Thanks, i will do some reading on it and get back with what happened, hopefully this does the trick.

I have digged into this and I found that options in nitrogen are depending on the window manager in use.

As I have used Openbox for years - on only lately began testing compiz - I have been used to having the ability of setting wallpaper per monitor.

3840x1080 screnshot