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Hello - I am an inexperienced user of Manjaro ( my computer-expert brother marches me through using Linux). I am running Plasma version 6.0.4, KDE Frameworks version 6.1.0, Qt verions 6.7.0, Kernel version 6.1.90-1-MANJARO (64-bit), with the Wayland graphics platform. My updates manager recently notified me that I had over 560 updates to make. I installed all of them. Upon restarting the computer my taskbar/system tray was populated with numerous different duplicate icons. It also gives me duplicate panels that appear on one end of the taskbar/system tray when I active any application. This is all quite a mess. Entering edit mode does not give me the option to remove all the extra icons or the many panels that notify me of what I have newly invoked. If someone could help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Jim,

  1. Always post inxi if you looking for help, it helps everyone with a good overview.

inxi --admin --verbosity=5 --filter --no-host --width

  1. If you see a big download package its worth to wait 1-2days and wait for the input from the community in this area:

Under know issue the second post, there will you see Tips how to deal with the update… “if its needed at all”.

A Big update like this only happen around every ~3year’s.
And this was the reason why you don’t had to update for 2 month, because Manjaro decided to delay package for additional hotfixes.

I recommend to use Timeshift on a external HDD/SSD to secure your system. So you can rollback your system with the Timeshift GUI, when you created a Snapshot before you pressed the update button in pamac.

We Linux user’s saying, with great power comes great responsibility :innocent: :spider_web:

Hi @JimK,

You should not have updates without reading the Announcements for the update. This update bought a big change - we went from Qt 5 to Qt6. Also Plasma 6.

Try removing your cache directory and rebooting:

rm -rf ~/.cache && reboot
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