New SSD - Backup / Restore or Cloning Possible?

Hey Everyone,

I currently have an XPS 13 laptop with a 256GB SSD. The laptop currently is setup to dual boot both Windows 10 + Manjaro. I want to upgrade to a 1TB SSD soon, and am really trying to avoid doing a fresh install at least on the Manjaro side (Windows as well, but not a priority).

Is there an easy way I can clone (or backup + restore) the old SSD to the new SSD?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

Clonezilla might be the solution to your needs, because as far as i know it also copies over the UUIDs of the partitions.
Someone else might want to weigh in on this though, as i have never used it.
The more manual way i won’t scratch on this as i don’t know how windows 10 would react to it and in a possible repair process write over the bootloader.

You could make yourself familar with typical procedures by reading this Arch wiki entries:

In the old forum was also a useful thread with regard to cloning to a larger disk:

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Indeed this is a good choice. Another one is AOMEI Partition Assistant (the free version, a Windows App). I used it several times and it is very reliable at copying bit by bit. It is also very flexible in choosing what to copy. It has a better UI than Clonezilla and is easier to use. I don’t use it for years, though, not sure it is still available with the same functions.

@mbb - I am assuming you did it for a dual-boot system if it is a Windows application? TIA.

Yes, it clones Linux just fine, you just can’t use some customizing tools with a Linux partition, but you can clone the full drive or Linux partitions just fine. Read through the options so you know what you’re doing.