New SD card does not boot

I’ve just made a new SD card with latest Gnome for “RASPBERRY PI 4B/400/3B+/3B/ZERO 2”.
It can not boot - it shows a prompt and then goes to the screen where the power is turning off:

What might be the reason?

You have given very little info to use.

Where did yo get the image.
Did you make the image. If so using which branch and what means.
Which pi device is it for.

I got it from Manjaro Downloads
There I choose ARM and then Device Options “RASPBERRY PI 4B/400/3B+/3B/ZERO 2” and then download Gnome image
Then I burn it with Etcher for Windows.
The device is Raspberry 4B.

Try this image built last night from here.

Works now, thanks. What was the problem?

Why it complains about the screen - that was not the case with the Xfce installation before?

No clue what the problem was before, could be any number of things. This image now is built on the unstable branch and kernel that is 7 months newer. Also there is a updated config.txt.

For some reason looks like your screen is not scaling. Guess you need a higher screen resolution than what was detected as default from the monitor’s EDID info. Can you go into gnome’s settings and change it some how.

Another thought is enable in /boot/config.txt disable_fw_kms_setup=1 and see what that does.

Got it, thank you very much!

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By the way. You should have the new pi5 kernel/modules in that image also.

Cool. New kernel always sounds good.

I also tried other screen settings, but it seems 800 x 480 is the limit of the official 7" display and the installer just can not do it for some styling reasons. It was not an issue with the Xfce installation time ago.

I’ll get a cable and connect it to PC.

Maybe the minimum size of the installer has changed. It might be after going through the Install process and shutdown. Then hook it up to your smaller screen and boot up then set to 800x480 and see if it works.

Hah :slight_smile:
Just managed to install it - it turned out the setup was not disabled, it was just a warning. And when I push Win key, I can see the whole screen with the navigation. So I used Alt+N for Next etc :slight_smile:

I also should have know that Win key + mouse moves the windows in Gnome, it could be easier.
Thanks again!

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