New root error, can't find UUID

Actually I didn’t name them so, this is a default name after installation process

And one more detail - I have dual-boot with Ubuntu 20.04 and it’s cmdline is almost the same, subvol is “subvol=@” and everything is launching as normal.

I also tested your solution and it might work, cause after launching manjaro with manually changed for one single boot command line, there was no crashes and launching with default command line gave me two successful boots and one crash.

Thank you a lot in advance!

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In btrfs it is standard to name subvolumes with @ , @home or @othername … These are Names used only on mounting the subvolume. search after “layout” in this guide
Often one would also create a “conventional” partition (as z.B. fat32 or ext4) for /boot or /efi or to store a swapfile.

Hey @andreas85

I didn’t think this was the behaviour coming from Calamares. I mistakenly assumed you needed to create the subvolumes manually as you would do in Arch. Apologies for the confusion.

I know this but didn’t actually think of this as the cause of the problem. @Cubik

I think of reinstalling manjaro and checking if this issue appears on clean system

Reinstalled manjaro, as expected - issue doesn’t appear.
I can suspect only two packages:

  1. plank dock
  2. ulauncher

They might have some conflicts with the system and cause this annoying issue. Tests are the only chance to figure out, will try with plank dock first.