New pamac - where is the detailling update window?

While I am not a fan of the new Pamac, I’ll give it a chance since it is new. There is something missing, how to see the ongoing details during an update like the previous versions ? The program should add features not remove them.

Also I have some programs made “not to update” but the update icon in the tray stays ON all the time after the rest have been updated.

If you have excluded applications then - technically - the system has not been fully synced - thus it will reflect this fact.

There is an ongoing process where parts of the application are being moved into plugins. This will result in ‘missing’ features - until you choose to install the relevant plugin.

Except the plugins for third party the only other thing missing is the search-as-you-type which is not that important. The log is where it was, behind the arrow near the apply button.

There is still pamac-gtk3

Thanks Phil. Until the new pamac evolve, can you tell me how to install the gtk3 version ? I haven’t found how. Can it be reverted after ?

Yes that’s it.

This should do it.

sudo pacman -S pamac-gtk3

To revert it:

sudo pacman -S pamac-gtk
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Ah well, that’s simple enough. Thanks !

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It that’s solved, please mark the relevant post as a solution


Turn off Software Mode. :wink:

Ok the post is mark resolved. Good.

“Turn off software mode” ??? What do you mean ?

From the menu in the upper right, is there a checkmark next to Software Mode?

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