New on Manjaro Kernel update question

Hello i have install Manjaro KDE and ask me new version of Kernel im on Linux57 5.7.17-2 the lastest stable version is what ? Linux58 5.8.3-2 because 5.9 is Eperimental …

Kernel 5.7 and 5.8 are stable if you compare it to 5.9 which is currently considered as experimental. LTS version (with long time support) is 5.4.

Actually, use the kernel with best performance for your hardware, this is not necessarily the newest. All supported kernels are updated regularely and provided with safety updates as well.

It is also advisable to install not only one kernel but at least one other, because this gives you the option to boot into it from the grub menu in case you get problems with the currently used kernel.

Before updating, which should be done whenever updates are available, have a look into the announcements. Whenever the kernel your are using is no longer supported switch to another, still supported kernel and deinstall all unsupported kernels.


Ok atm i use linux57 i only click on install linux58

If kernel 5.7 works fine for you I would recommend you to rather install 5.4 as second kernel as the grub menu will always keep you normally booting into 5.8 as this is then the newest kernel. But certainly, you can try, 5.8 might be as good as 5.7 for your hardware.

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ok thx for reply

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