New on linux swap question

Hello im new on linux when i install manjaro can chose no swap , hibernate swap or no hibernate what i choose ?

Depends on what you want:

  1. No swap -> When the Memory is full there will be no swap to outsource memory to disk
  2. no hibernate -> When the Memory is full, it will outsource memory to disk
  3. hibernate swap -> When the Memory is full, it will outsource memory to disk plus you can hibernate to disk and resume

Swap is important and although it is also used for hibernation this is not it’s primary purpose.


ok if swap is important i choose what ? hibernate or no im not sure lol

Don’t choose no swap.
If you want Hibernation choose hibernate - else no hibernate.

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Hibernate is nessessary ? it’s just for resume faster ?

Hibernation saves the state of your system to your swap and shutdown your pc. When you start again it will load that state from swap and resume. And no it is not necessary, but useful.

Ok and if i choose swap no hibernate the swap just not save and i can finish my work ?

You need to know that whatever you choose you will be able to “sleep” the computer. The system will enter in a state where most parts of the computer are shut off (but you can’t cut off electricity from the computer).

ok hibernate swap is for laptop i have tower im ok with no hibernate…

About the swap thing, I think it depends on how much memory you have. I have been running my system without swap and without problems. But I have more than enough for me: 16GiB RAM. Even with 8GiB can be enough but depends on your use profile of the system (what programs you use, how many programs at the same time, the Desktop environment, …)

If you have at least 16GB RAM it really doesn’t matter so much to have a Swap. But with 8GB you should probably have at least some Gigs for swapping in case you are running out of ram. Remember: When the memory is full and no swap is there, you won’t be able to run more programs.


You are right probably :slight_smile:. Better to stay in the safe side, just in case.

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i make swap for sure if no hibernate is ok and hibernate is just for save when i have no electricity i choose no hibernate

thx for your help :slight_smile:

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