New on linux encrypt the system?

Hello i need encrypt or no what is best ?

It would certainly help us help you if we knew what your needs are. Please read this post below. :arrow_down:

What kind of system are we talking about here? :thinking:

For new users i would not recommend encryption. Usually it is done with LUKS, but it has a lot of traps, if you never used it.


When you use the Manjaro installer, there is an option to encrypt your system with LUKS.

Easiest way is to make 2 partitions:

  • /boot/efi (FAT32, 100mb is enough)
  • / (Ext4, LUKS encrypted)

Then make a swap file.

encryption is more to safeguard against physical access to your data so you may want to not do it for your main set up and just create an encrypted drive for secure storage (at a later date) after you have read about it and the risks.