New mirror in France(Europe)

Good morning everyone :smile:

It’s been a while since I have my mirror working but due to various information I can’t get the moderators/administrators @philm the manjaro repos to add it to the list so I hope this post helps it to be added
also the current mirrors in france are out of date so a new mirror is always welcome

Information about the mirror it works via https

Site :
country: France
Bandwidth capacity: 1gb/s coming soon on a 10gb/s network

And I ask all of you to test it and background I did several tests it works very well and fast but community tests are always good


Hello @luisbaker

Just checked that the server can be reached without problem. Thank you!

We will add it to the list shortly.


Maintenant, nous avons un miroir de plus, il ne nous reste plus qu’à attendre qu’il soit ajouté à la liste.
Je vois dans gitlab( tous les commits faits un récent a été fait en ajoutant de nouveaux miroirs([mirrors] add some new mirrors (16b47a73) · Commits · WEB / · GitLab) donc je pense que cela ne devrait pas tarder à être ajouté aussi

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