New Mirror Hosted in India

I couldn’t another way to contact the mirror admins.
Country: India
Bandwidth: 400mbps
There’s only one mirror for manjaro in India and that’s usually out of sync.
so I made this :wink:


You probably should have mentioned that this is an ARM mirror only as far as I can see.

Nah, I had some problems and I accidentally deleted the mirror directory :skull:
so it was syncing again when you saw that

Thank you for the clarification.

yea, taking time to sync now :frowning:

All the branches show a 404 not found in browser.

I have the same test result as @aafsmarak I’ve tried with http and https.

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not manjaro repo compatible ? I can’t found state BoxIt files …

I am aware of it… working on fixing that… all was working fine when I posted this post :sweat_smile:


Hey! The rsync mirrors linked here are apparently not working :
can I sync directly from the manajaro mirrors, I know it requires whitelisting IP, will that work with DDNS?

The Japan mirror mentioned over there is working.
According to , there are no mirrors in India right now. You are our only hope.

I am syncing using free[.]org mirror now,
let’s see :crossed_fingers:
update: it has synced 4GB so far, should be all synced till tomorrow ig?

All synced

I have tested it, and it works PERFECTLY :slight_smile:
now who’s responsible for adding new mirrors?

Thanks, is now in the list.

hmm actually, it doesn’t really support http, http traffic just redirects to https
and Thanks for adding it :slight_smile:

Is not redirecting on my end.

When you access from a web browser it does. I guess it wouldn’t with Pacman/Curl.

hmm… yea, should I enable it? or keep http on?

Only https is better, I think in the future we might completely move to https only.

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