New mdadm array from live usb

Hi I’m currently trying to setup a mdadm raid array from a live usb .
I have md_mod missing to do so .
For what I understand , I need to add mdadm_udev to the hooks of mkinitcpio.conf and mkinitcpio -P … then reboot to have the new module available.
But it’s a live usb so no persistence.
Do you know how can I resolve this?
(for now my only alternative seem to be to install manjaro on another drive then do my raid array then reinstall the system but I would rather learn how to not do that)

Hi @polyphonus,

If you haven’t yet, check out:

(I highly doubt I can offer more advice than that, but there it is.)

try with iso USB live manjaro

sudo pacman -Sy mdadm

I had already -Suy before.
I did install on a spare disk I had lying around then add mdadm_udev to the hooks . The array is build right now.
I don’t mark this as resolve because I want to know it these is another solution from the live usb.