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The account on Mastodon that was mirroring the posts from @Manjarolinux on Twitter since 2018 was shut down without warning and I did not have time to migrate the account to another instance or notify the 1.7 k followers.

For those interested, I have now restarted the service at (Manjaro Linux ( - Mastodon).

If @philm and the Manjaro team ever wants to establish a direct presence on Mastodon, I will be happy to hand them over the followers of that account.


The reason would be interesting. Did you reach out to the admin/s?

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Probably “excessive advertising”.

The reason is OT but here you go:

I was also running a duckduckgo bot. Somebody from the company contacted the admin of the instance and asked to use that bot as a starting point for their presence on Mastodon (something I clearly promised I would support in the profile of the account). But the admin immediately gave them control of my account without contacting me first. I told him politely that this is not how it should be done but he did not like me questioning his authority and terminated all my accounts, including @Manjarolinux.

Please don’t speculate.

This is exactly On-Topic if it happened here as well. So somebody (probably a Manjaro admin, or the one holding the copyright) claimed the account?

I’m not fit on vocabulary and mastodon but the mentioned account is “blocked” and not handed over to someone else.

No, it is the account that was claimed by somebody associated with the company. they run it directly now. the account was simply blocked as a retaliation on me from the admin. Collateral damage.

Not trying to argue, but it’s literally in the TOS. Just look at manjaro’s Twitter feed, and you can see a trigger there. Maybe in the future, @philm could split the feed between Manjaro “the company” from Manjaro “the software environment powerhouse”. Anyway, just my two cents.

EDIT: I spoke with the admin yesterday, who told me that there was a conflict between him and the bot maintainer regarding code of conduct. There was evidence that the bot was showing spammy behaviour as well. I shared a screenshot with @mithrial, which can confirm the report. If anyone wants a screenshot of the conversation, DM me. I won’t post here because flaming is stupid.