New Manjaro User - Few Questions

Hi all,

I am a new Manjaro user. Currently just trying to get my environment set up the way I want.

Running in VMware Fusion on Mac. Installed today with the latest Gnome ISO. Everything is up to date.
4 Cores / 8GB RAM
NVMe virtual disk.
BTRFS with swap file and encryption.
Running Official VMware Tools (wanted shared folders feature working).
Using Wayland session.

Few questions…

  1. Had a few instances already where the OS just froze completely. I was able to move the mouse pointer around but nothing would respond. On all occasions I waiting for a while hoping it might restore but I eventually was only able to fix it by stopping and starting the VM again. Is there any way I can diagnose what might be happening there?

  2. I have installed Duplicati Beta from the AUR via the app store. I cannot find it anywhere. It says it’s installed but it’s not in the app drawer and doesn’t appear when I search for it. Anyone using Duplicati Beta that is able to advise?

  3. I need to install the Mono Framework for C# developement. I use Rider as my IDE. The Mono Framework seems to have been installed according to the app store as it was actaully a dependancy for Duplicati. But I think it has only installed the runtime and not the SDK portion. Rider is giving me an error saying that I need to install the Mono develop libraries but it’s not clear to me what I need to install from the app store.

  4. One annoying this is that I keep disabling the Gnome Firefox Theme in the Layouts menu but it constantly gets reset and turned back on. I prefer the standard theming in Firefox, even though it’s not consistent with Gnome. Is this a known problem? Is there a way to fix this?

  5. Window Tiling (Pop Shell) option in Layouts. Like the Firefox Gnome option, this option keeps getting reset but in this scenario, I want it on, but it keeps getting turned off. Any ideas?

Sorry I know it’s a lot of niggly little things. I’m coming from Pop_OS which I have had zero issues with but really want to give Manjaro a shot. I’m very familiar with Debian-based systems and although I have actually installed plain Arch from scratch before, I am just not as experienced with it so it’s a slight learning curve getting all the bits I want installed with there being no .deb files and Eddy to fall back on.

Thanks in advance.


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Will only address to a couple of the presented issues here. We usually like to deal with each in part.

is that mac going places and your VM is accesible by others?

How is X11 sesion? Fussion is beyond our point of interest tho …

In virtual machine … yeah, that can happen too as on hardware install when using some extensions and wayland. X11 performing better ?

If that package is not providing a *.desktop file then it will not be visible in the drawer. Otherwise is possible to have to log out and back in

please use the exact name of the package installed.
pamac install mono
sudo pacman -S mono

Remove the package
sudo pacman -R firefox-gnome-theme-maia

The Layout tiling option is for material shell and is not working with pop-shell together. Turn it on from extensions and turn off the other one.


Thanks for the advice.

I will make sure to check the forum in the future and keep any future posts small and about one item.

Managed to sort Duplicati. As you said, there is no desktop icon as such. The service just needed to be enabled/started and then you can view it in the browser as normal.



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