New Manjaro install- taskbar and shortcuts

Just installed the latest version of Manjaro, am brand new to the OS.
However I only have a ‘taskbar’ on the left side of the screen. There is another panel on top of the screen with date time and a few shortcuts. But right clicking either presents no option to add anything, and dragging icons to either does nothing.
I am used to having a panel at the bottom of the screen, which keeps track of all applications open and allows you to click through them, say a number of surfing windows.
But I can’t find any option to add this taskbar, though I see people on Youtube with Manjaro that have it.
How is the bottom screen taskbar/panel created, and how are shortcuts added to the top panel?
I’ve been searching quite awhile and can’t seem to find the answer.

Hi and welcome Jeffjot :partying_face:

Could you find out what edition you installed? (Gnome, KDE, XFCE?)
The name of the iso that you used to install Manjaro should have it. otherwise there is this link with the editions:

OK so there is a prefab layout with this? great I’ll look
What is super… a button?
Well the version I installed is fine. sounds good!

Open layouts from manjaro hello (or press super and search for layouts)

More advanced options are in the extentions.

I think you were looking for Cinnamon then. :wink:

It looks like there is a layout that moves the side panel to the bottom.
But how do you add a second panel to the top of the screen, to add shortcuts to it?
Is this a custom load maybe?
I see a Dash to Panel settings that has appeared, but it only allows you to move one panel around.
Maybe these are the extensions

Windows key = Super button or Mod key.
As a default it shows the open windows and a search option for applications and other indexed items

Open the extensions application and have a look around the options.

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ok thanks!