new Manjaro-Deepin test ISO available (unstable branch)

You're of course correct, and we all hope and pray that the bugs all get fixed, but I believe that @asasione was making the point that for simple and undemanding use, the Deepin DE can be quite enjoyable. My family is running it without complaint on a desktop and I've got the minimal-unstable on a test machine and still enjoy it. The only issue I've noted is that after a time that power consumption seems to go up and fans are activated more with Deepin briefly than other flavors, likely due to all the bugs you mention.

Still pulling for them to do great work though...

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You clearly are doing actual testing of the distro and looking for bugs based on your usage pattern and how many installs you have. You are confusing your behavior with the norm. I am using the distro normally and for my software development needs don't encounter any significant bugs during my day-to-day. I am not going to investigate every nook and cranny of the distro but during normal use its stable enough to be a daily driver (which does not mean bug free).

That's not true either, all 3 of my real Manjaro machines i use daily for:

  1. Work (web dev) / internet / graphics (raster / vector / 3D) / some usual stuff
  2. Audio / Video professional needs + rare gaming
  3. Usual stuff / reading / watching movies / internet etc

So i doubt this can be called targeted testing pattern only, it's a lot of different use cases + of course targeted testing on both this machines and VMs when something bad is found.

But yeah i get you, people are different and all that...
Some are fine with anything, unless it boots and browser works :upside_down_face:

Knowing how aesthetics / design and visual bugs coming lately for both compositors - i wouldn't expect Deepin to be same even as we knew it before...

We'll see soon i guess, when this new full redesign will come :slight_smile:

P.S. Manjaro side of test .iso is good, as always :space_invader:

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Hehe, you remind me of me in the Solus community about 3 years ago. I have a demanding daily workflow in healthcare in an organization that is all MS products and formats. I'm the only guy of 19,000 employees using Linux daily (my IT dept thinks I'm nuts and has written me off). So I have heavy dependence on the Citrix virtual desktop client for Linux, Hiri for MS Exchange, Libreoffice for Office compatibility, Wine for certain proprietary apps, etc. I have a ton of windows open simultaneously, and can't use workspaces (Citrix crashes with them).

So, it's 2016/17 or so, and I'm in the Solus community, and I'm posting bug reports left and right on how workflow specific things to me that I'm doing keep breaking Solus or Solus breaking those apps. Citrix had heaps of problems in Solus and was almost unusable. Hiri I couldn't install at all (not FOSS, so not in repos). Custom keyboard shortcuts would open windows sometimes in front, sometimes in back, sometimes in the middle. I ached to have an expose option since Alt-tab behavior was unpredictable, but Budgie didn't have any and Ikey was philosophically opposed to them. At home, Steam behavior was touch and go, and Wine-Staging wasn't available at all...

On and on it went, and to my growing frustration, the Solus folks didn't answer/address any of the bugs for months on end (some are still there listed today, empty and unaddressed). I would engage them online, and their attitude was dismissive, basically , 'Citrix is not FOSS. If it's not working, it is their problem... talk to them' and 'Listen, Solus is working fine for the rest of us and our workflow, so pipe down.'

One guy posting was kinda like you can be :blush: (a bit, ah, strident?) and was like, 'WTF is wrong with you guys? How do you not f-ing care that one of the world's biggest enterprise cloud clients doesn't work on your distro? How do you not f-ing care that, like, some of my games don't work? How do you not f-ing care that I can't see more than one active window at a time?' and the central reply was kinda 'Tough. Linux is about choice, and this distro is working just the way we want, and if you're that hot and bothered, choose something else.'

And in my case, I did, and that was Manjaro, and years later I'm still here and happy.

My view of Deepin, to keep myself sane and to come to the point of my story, is that it's a DE that, frankly, isn't being f-ing made for us.... Bluntly, the Deepin devs have said that to us, just as the Solus devs did to Citrix users a few years back. Full stop. Deepin is made for their clients, whoever and wherever they are, and I have come to terms with feeling privileged to have some fun and play in their Linux sandbox as long as they let us (and as long as it works). And it is fun. I genuinely enjoy using Deepin. For all its flaws, they're doing some interesting things, and with my home test-machine workflow, it works 99% of the time (until I tinker and break it :innocent:). I hope we can continue to hitch the ride and they don't tell us to choose something else...

I should probably not continue the 'philosophical' thoughts on deepin ..

But your post made me feel to state:
Thats all well and good. If you like deepin, use it. The problem lies in not recognizing its current state. If a 'new linux user' sees Deepin and thinks 'ooo shiny' ... then complains that it isnt polished .. because frankly, it isnt (yet).

And really .. in the opensource (and the rest of the) world this is whats needed ... you dont know the end of the leash if you always stay in the corner... you cant fix problems without pointing them out ... etc.

Aside from, or on top of, that - @oberon and others do a fantastic job at it.

Which is why I think the Manjaro Deepin page should have some kind of disclaimer stating it's perpetual beta, or something like that.

It's also something I don't completely understand about Deepin. If, at the end of the day, they're all about their clients, then why does their openly distributed Deepin OS exist at all? Why make Deepin DE available to all these other distros? If they see community feedback as a dissonant distraction, why do they bother? Are they emulating the SUSE/openSUSE model?

I totally don't get this phrase unless I go to some really dark scenarios. Please explain :man_shrugging:

Truer words have never been said!

Its an allusion to a quote from some movies and songs etc ..
A more full version from a film (using a metaphor of dogs) is something like

-"I always say what I like"
-"Sure but, they like what you say - I mean you dont know you are wearing a leash if you sit tight and beg all day"

Reading? In 2019?


(Sigh), I know that's there, but such a statement might be more useful on the download page where people might actually see it....

Well, I for one am not having any (major) issues, and I wouldn't think my use case deviates much from the norm. Kwin is a bit balky; there is a panoply of bugs when I start up the system, but if I "disable window effects" and then re-enable them, Kwin works as intended.

Really? You've never owned a dog before? If you tie him up to a post, with a long chain, he obviously won't know how long the chain is if he sits unmoving for the duration. Thus it is for us. If we don't ask questions and/or push the Deepin team to fix bugs that occur in Manjaro, we won't know where the limits are.

Wow, that's a bombshell. Now you've certainly got my attention, Deepin developers. Edge of my seat.

I mean, Deepin has experienced changes that are nothing short of transformational. Very curious as to where those changes will take us, given how different Deepin is from stuff like KDE.

Actually, no :slight_smile:. Very anti-dog myself...

Also very much looking foward to seeing what the Deepin devs have in store for the DE.

This is a mystery to me as well; perhaps I'm more used to the more stereotypical FOSS environments, like KDE and Gnome. I think the best parallel may be drawn with Budgie, the desktop environment of Solus Linux. Budgie is developed for Solus, but given to the community; if a Ubuntu user files a bug, but the bug can only be replicated on Ubuntu, Ikey and his team (or, these days, Ikey's team without Ikey) will naturally not prioritise it as much.

Also @iiari the Deepin people seem to be prioritising Pardus, which is also Debian or Ubuntu-based; from this I surmise that they don't feel comfortable enough with the innards of Arch-based systems to help.

Anyway, given the loads of Budgie fans on here, it's obvious that DDE will grow to become a great desktop environment---just needs to be given time.

hola no hablo ingles, pero si se traduce la pagina al español seguro me entienden como los entiendo a ustedes, la verdad es super impresionante el escritorio y fusionado con manjaro es una maravilla , realmente me encanta, pero hay varias cosas como por ejemplo dejo algunas cosas en su lugar y al reiniciar se cambian, pero lo que mas me llama la atención es que si estoy conectado por cable no se conecta por wifi, reinicio y a veces si pero falla algunas cosas como el sonido, reinicio y vuelve el sonido pero no se conecta a wifi

realmente un excelente trabajo y esta minima sin muchas aplicaciones es excelente para mi....

Anyone else have a white vertical line on the right edge their their monitor when using deepin-kwin? deepin-wm is too laggy on nvidia's driver to use. It was great with my amd rx570 but that blew up. deepin-kwin with kwin-lowlatency is much much smoother on nvidia and it seems to be pretty good for the most part now.

However this white vertical line is annoying. I think it happens on vanilla Deepin too if my memory serves me right. It might be because I am using 1.5x scaling with a 4k monitor.
EDIT: It only happens when I use 1.5x scaling.

Yes, this is known scaling bug already reported to Deepin :woozy_face:

I thought that Manjaro Deepin had ceased to exist :cry:

Nope :joy: Still lives.


Only it's not sure if there's "always" a version of Manjaro Deepin.

It did.

This was more an experiment to see if Deepin is now in a satisfying state to bring back the Deepin ISO as a Community edition offered to the public.


how far from the stable ISO? How many days would be?

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