New laptop and first time no dual boot

Hi people, I will have a new laptop soon and my idea is install manjaro KDE Plasma and use it with no dual bot (my first time in that). I’m using Manjaro around 3 years (never with problems or when I had problems I could find solutions here in the forum. Thanks for that!!).

My idea is if I need Windows for something, virtualize and that’s it. I don’t want to have Windows anymore.

I would like to share with you the features of my new laptop:

RECOIL SERIES: 16 -inch Mate panoramic screen 100 % LED, 240Hz SRGB (2560x1600)
Intel® Core ™ I9 13900HX (5.4 GHz Turbo) processor (5.4 GHz of Turbo)
64 GB Corsair 4800 MHz Sodimm DDR5 (2 x 32 GB)
NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 4060 - 8.0GB GDDR6 Video RAM - Directx® 12.1
Integrated SD memory card reader
1 x 280 w power supply
1.5 meter European power cable (C13)
Integrated Ion-Litius Battery Series Collection of 99 Wh
Liquid metal performance cooling
Steelseries Nahimic Audio 2 high definition channels
Gigabit Lan and Wireless Intel® Wi-Fi 6e Ax211 (2.4 Gbps) + Bt 5.3
1 TUNCHERBOLT PORT 4 + 3 USB 3.2 ports

I will use my laptop for programming App Mobiles and Front-end stuff and some UX/UI software like Figma and a few times Illustrator/Photoshop (not frecuently this things)

My questions are:

  1. What Size I should give you to the partitions? /, Home, Swap
  2. Do you think it’s a good idea only use Windows with VirtualBox?
  3. And my last question, when I bought the laptop I ordered without Operative System because my goal is use only Manjaro. And they had a message that said “We noticed you will use Linux. We want to tell you not all the features sometimes can work in Linux”. Do you think in Manjaro all the features can work OK?

Thanks again for your time and sorry for my english :slight_smile:

  • check if it is dual graphic laptop - switchable grapics
    • which in your described use case makes the Nvidia obsolete
    • research if Nvidia may cause issues especially because it is a laptop
    • mostly look for resume from suspend/hibernation issues
  • research the Intel AX211 wifi

The wifi should be supported using the latest stable kernel which is 6.4 (ISO uses 6.1LTS)

I don’t know about Win11 but generally there is no problem in running Windows as VM.


Thanks for your reply @linux-aarhus.
Do you recommend copy all your message and ask to the seller?

Now I’m more concern about that haha :frowning:
Currently I’m using a Manjaro in a laptop Asus X556U, Intel Core i7 and has Nvidia Geforce 920M and no problem (I know it’s old). I hope are not doing a bad buy. I didn’t expect that.

Older Nvidia card work well even using Nouveau driver - I have ThinkPad T550 with dual graphics.

The new Nvidia cards 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx and 4xxx may create problems - especially on laptops using switchable graphics.

Your card is likely to work with the latest stable kernel and the lastest Nvidia drivers - but don’t expect troublefree operation.

I only say this because you ask - in fact - if you did your homework - researching the components you may have ended up with another system.

Just check the Manjaro Hardware page for systems which will come with Manjaro preloaded.

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Thanks again.
Yes, was my error. I didn’t do my homework because I have never been problems with manjaro and for that I did all like that.

I don’t know if cancel my buy or wait to receive and If I can’t install it, return it. It’s a powefull laptop and my idea was install only Manjaro but I don’t know now If has problems o

The reference on manjaro hardware page - some of them implement Nvidia GPU so your ordered system may work well - but you should take into account the troubled relationship between Nvidia on Linux especially for a laptop system designed for Windows.

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Thanks. Yes I was checking the page now.
I hope if I have problems can solve it all. For sure I will ask here when I receive the laptop and I hope can jump all the problems.

I read in arch forums and here too, some people can use the the graphic nvidia 4060 and also the wireless problems. I hope to have the same luck @linux-aarhus

Hi again @linux-aarhus I asked about dual graphics and they replied this:

Yes, the system has Dual Graphics (SWITCHABLE GRAPHICS). If you access the Control Center, you will be able to see this configuration in the settings for the dedicated GPU (dGPU).
When it is enabled (ON), it operates in Hybrid mode, and when it is disabled (OFF), it disables the Integrated Graphics and only uses the NVIDIA graphics card.
I hope this is helpful to you.
I have attached an image of our central warehouse in the United Kingdom so you can see it.

The image is in Windows, I asked telling that I will install Linux but I suppose it’s not a problem and it’s good the answer, right?
Thanks again for your support in this topic

Can you try to boot the Manjaro USB stick and check, if it works ?

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Next week I will receive the laptop

Hi folks, again me.

  1. Do you think It’s ok this partitions for this laptop? (I don’t want dual boot this time).
  2. Do you think the SWAP it’s necessary having 64GB of memory ram?

I read in a lot of places with 40GB to / It’s enough but in my currently laptop I have 2 or 3GB Free having 40GB. This is my idea:

  • /BOOT/EFI - FAT32 - 512KB
  • / - EXT4 - 60GB

Thanks for your time and If you have better ideas, let me know please :slight_smile:

SWAP is necessary if you want to hibernate, otherwise I think you’re good.

The partitions look good, except if you want to use the SWAP for hibernating. See:

Although allocating a swap partition is itself entirely optional, it is still strongly recommended that you do so, particularly if you wish to use hibernate or suspend functions, as these will require use of a swap partition. Manjaro should therefore be installed using a minimum of two partitions.


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Thanks for you fast reply @Mirdarthos . My idea is not hibernate.
Always I turn off my laptop when I finish my work.
And If it’s strongly recommended, 8GB it’s more than enough, right?

Thanks again!

I’d say so. I have 16GB RAM, with 8GB swap, and I doubt the SWAP gets used a lot, if at all.

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I update this post:

I have received my laptop yesterday and I format and installed Manjaro and all is OK at the moment.
@linux-aarhus, the laptop detects at the beginning my graphic driver and the WiFi.

@Keruskerfuerst I did the USB Stick and the same, all was working.

@Mirdarthos I did the partition as we talked before. And all good too!

I need to configure some things more but for now all it’s working.
I don’t know If I need to mark this reply as a solution or the reply of someone because all where helped me

Thanks guys for helping me and If I have a problem I will try to open another topic.

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