New kernel update

i am on low end device now running with 2gb ram an with intel core i-3; 2.6hz so today i got new kernel update version 6.1.29-1 to 6.1.30-1
my question is do you recommend or should i update it to new kernel version?
NOTE: sometimes having system and screen freezing with current (6.1.29-1) kernel and cannot do anything so it makes me shut down my pc and start again

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You are on a rolling release distribution. Only updating will keep it alive.

Do you have swap? Looks like you didn’t set it up.

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That is tiny. I’m not sure manjaro in general will work well on any of the full DE’s (GNOME, KDE).

That said …

Yes. Thats not drastic like changing series to, say, 6.2.

On a rolling system you should always do all of your updates.

yes i did it swap to file with exct4

RAM is fairly inexpensive. Perhaps buy some more. I imagine you can barely run a browser with 2 GB of RAM.

I can with 100MB You can Surf Internet in Linux Terminal With These Command Line Browsers

No desktop environment at all!!


100mb seems pretty heavy for a terminal browser.

And people who use them generally dont need to ask about kernel minor version updates.


exactly, and with only one tab

You can run LXDE, LXQT, or XFCE and keep it up to date. I run Manjaro XFCE on my raspberry pi 3’s and they only have 1 GB of RAM