New KDE install - kwallet struggle

Hey KDE team -
I’m a KDE newbie and recently installed the latest Manjaro KDE version (kernel 5.15.38-1, KDE plasma 5.24.5) on a System76 Galago. I like the DE but Kwallet is giving me heartburn and if you know of existing threads on this forum that can help, that would great.

After the install I was prompted for a kwallet password which I didn’t have (since it was a new install) so I blew away the kwallet.kwl file so I could start fresh. Now, after restarts, I get reprompted for system password, kwallet password and wirelsss passwords every time. How do I fix this?



Fixed the redundant system login request by removing a gnome-keyring (sometimes misunderstanding leads to even more confusion :-> )… now I’m only left with a login for kwallet… Is that normal or is that supposed to be stored and applied automatically at system login?


More progress…

Found the answer here… KDE Wallet - ArchWiki

Earlier set up a different wallet as the default… turns out it needs the kwallet default…


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